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Watch: Dr. Michael Shelden on the Making of Winston Churchill

Chelcey Berryhill - Wednesday April 08, 2015 14:25

Winston Churchill is central to the last century of British history. He led the UK through WWII, enduring Hitler and uniting Britain during the Blitz. He was named Man of the Half-Century in 1950 by Time Magazine. He coined countless phrases, notably the “Iron Curtain.” Americans flock to his home, Chartwell, Kent, which also houses his paintings, and the Churchill family home of Blenheim Palace, and celebrate his life and times with the Churchill Centre and Royal Oak.

Winston Churchill at the easel in Chartwell, Kent

Winston Churchill at the easel in Chartwell, Kent

But as well-known as the man’s WWII exploits were, fewer people know the story of Churchill’s youth. That’s why we at Royal Oak were so fortunate to host Dr. Michael Shelden of Indiana State University in New York City last night as part of our Drue Heinz Lecture Series. Dr. Shelden discussed his new book Young Titan: The Making of Winston Churchill, which examines how Churchill rose to national prominence before being kicked out of government due to perceived military failures during WWI. An intimate look at Young Winston’s public and private life included a discussion of his love life, which included 3 failed proposals and a fourth broken heart before Winston married Clementine Hozier.

Shelden’s careful consideration of what Churchill went through before he was “Man of the Half-Century” offers a more nuanced understanding of how Winston was able to provide such steadfast leadership during the most tumultuous time of British history. The lecture, co-sponsored by the Churchill Centre and the English Speaking Union‘s New York Branch, delighted the full house in New York. Before he spoke, we sat down with Dr. Shelden to discuss lesser-known facts about Churchill, Sir Winston’s personal hero, and how the famous Churchill paintings served as a form of therapy for the young leader.

Don’t miss out on the remainder of Dr. Shelden’s tour as part of our Drue Heinz Lecture Series, as well as what’s to come from our other wonderful speakers. Learn More