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#GrowTheOak this Giving Tuesday

Alyson Goldman - Friday November 25, 2016 9:15


What does it mean to #GrowTheOak on #GivingTuesday?

It means supporting a community of anglophiles who make a difference!

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Thanksgiving was yesterday, which means Giving Tuesday is next week! On November 29th kick off the holiday season by helping us #GrowTheOak. It’s easy to participate: just make a donation to our Annual Fund and then tell your friends and family why you’re part of the Royal Oak community.

Protecting Special places with the National Trust



This year in partnership with the National Trust we launched a multi-year appeal to reinvigorate Winston Churchill’s legacy at his family home and acquire prized possessions for the Britain and worldwide public.

Funds raised from the appeal will not only secure many personal items that belonged to Churchill but will enable new interpretation across the property, along with increased access to the collections, and the opening of family rooms that have never been seen by the public.


Royal Oak Director and Professor Sir David Cannadine, historian and author, says:

“The National Trust’s important and imaginative plans for Chartwell’s future will ensure that Sir Winston Churchill’s lasting and exceptional legacy will continue to inspire visitors from Britain and around the world for generations to come.

“The more that Churchill’s life recedes into history, the more important places like Chartwell become.  It offers an opportunity we, the public, so rarely have – to immerse ourselves in the private world of one of the twentieth century’s greatest figures.  It is through Chartwell and its profoundly personal collection that we can most vividly and most memorably come to know this extraordinary man.”

Th ecurrent response to the Chartwell appeal, and our past appeals including both Knole and Stouhead, underline exactly what makes the Royal Oak community so special: together we understand the deep roots of our shared history and is committed to supporting that shared vision.

By giving to Royal Oak today, it allows us to continue to support the National Trusts activities such as the campaign for Chartwell – you #GrowTheOak.

Together, we can support all facets of the National Trust’s work and celebrate our shared mission.

Fostering a community of American Anglophiles:

Royal Oak lecturer Jeremy Musson signs a copy of his book for Kathleen Buoymaster following his lecture in La Jolla, California

Philanthropic and curious, the Royal Oak community both supports and explores special places in the UK. Here in the US, Royal Oak connects them to one another through special events around the hottest topics in the Anglophile world.

Our lecture series brings speakers to cities across the country – we’ve hosted 423 lectures over the last 5 years, and this fall alone we brought renowned lecturers like The Duke of Wellington and the Earl of Shaftesbury to the States.

Your gift to Royal Oak on Giving Tuesday helps us maintain this one-of-a-kind American community and extend our reach to new members.

Offering Fellowships for American scholars:

2015 Horan Prize Fellow, Justin Kegley’s Drone Video

This year we introduced the Nigel Seeley Fellowship. The focus was “Addressing Problems in the Conservation of Gilded Wood at Knole”

Established by Katherine Singley of Decatur, Georgia, the fellowship will provide training and educational opportunities for individuals with a professional interest in the preservation of historic interiors, finishes, and collections. It is named for the National Trust’s Head of Conservation, Dr. Nigel Seeley (1989-2002), under whom Katherine studied.

The fellowship will be awarded to professionals spanning careers from conservators, heritage craftsmen, collection managers, to environmental engineers, lighting specialists, and pest specialists.

Katherine, a conservator herself, believes The Nigel Seeley Fellowship will enrich young professionals’ lives by offering first-hand experience of the National Trust’s world-class techniques, houses, and collections.

The fellowship joins Royal Oak’s established Damaris Horan Fellowship. Both fellowships provide talented Americans the chance to gain hands-on experience through the National Trust’s expertise and renowned educational training. Fellowships will be offered biennially, alternating years between each prize.

By supporting Royal Oak on Giving Tuesday, you make all of our work possible. And, most importantly, you further the mission of the National Trust in a meaningful way. Donate Now