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Timeless Design   |   October 17, 2013

Timeless Design Gala 2013 honors the Kravet family and the Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library

The Royal Oak Foundation's 16th annual Timeless Design Gala took place on Thursday
October 17 2013 at the Metropolitan Club in New York. Royal Oak presented the Kravet family with the Timeless Design Award, and the Heritage Award was presented to the Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library. This year's Timeless Design Gala was also a focus for the Foundation's 40th Anniversary celebrations.

Thanks to all who supported Royal Oak at the 2013 Timeless Design Gala.

Timeless Design Award Honoree

The Royal Oak Foundation's Board of Directors selected the Kravet family to receive the 2013 Timeless Design Award. Kravet Inc. is a global leader in decorative textiles and furnishings and patron of leading designers across the United States and the United Kingdom. Royal Oak honors the Kravets for the pivotal role they play in the Anglo-American design world and their enduring family legacy, started by Samuel Kravet in 1918. As the parent company of such historic and prestigious brands as Lee Jofa, G.P. & J. Baker, and Brunschwig & Fils, Kravet Inc. has become the standard-bearer for the legacy of international design, commitment to quality, attention to detail and superb craftsmanship. The company's association with Cole & Son, Mulberry Home and Blithfield further testifies to its connection with the best of British design.

Scott, Ellen, Lisa & Cary Kravet
Scott, Ellen, Lisa & Cary Kravet

Mulberry Home Country Weekend Collection
Mulberry Home
Country Weekend Collection

Images courtesy of Kravet Inc.
In our 40th Anniversary year, it is particularly appropriate to honor the Kravets, who have supported the Foundation's work through the licensed Royal Oak textile lines and sponsorship of the Timeless Design Gala. Previous recipients have included Julian Fellowes, David Hicks, Charlotte Moss, The Dowager Duchess of Devonshire, Lord Rothschild, Bunny Williams, and Mary Fox Linton. This marks the 16th anniversary of the Timeless Design Award, which recognizes outstanding achievement in British and American design and the stewardship of historic properties.

Heritage Award Honoree

Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library
Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library

Image courtesy of Winterthur

Royal Oak's Board of Directors selected the Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library to receive the 2013 Heritage Award, which recognizes individuals or organizations in Britain and the United States that have substantially advanced the understanding and appreciation of our shared cultural heritage. In honoring Winterthur, Royal Oak recognizes the preeminent role that the institution plays in conserving and presenting American decorative arts for a global audience. As one of the world's leading centers for the collection, conservation, and education of the public and specialists about the decorative arts and design, Winterthur's mission aligns strongly with that of the National Trust. In our 40th Anniversary year, it is particularly fitting to honor Winterthur, with which Royal Oak has shared many connections and objectives over the decades. Past recipients include the Garden Conservancy; the Attingham Trust; and Richard Broyd, founder of the Historic House Hotels group.


Cary Kravet, Tracy Dart, Sean Sawyer, Bruce Perkins

Ian Hooper, Christopher Rodrigues, Richard Broyd

Cary Kravet, Sean Sawyer

Rod Ward, Christopher Rodrigues

Sean Sawyer, Tracy Dart

Bruce Perkins, James Hare

Brigitte Ple, Cary Kravet, Leslie Kravet

Christopher Rodrigues, Steve Godwin, Ian Hooper

Lisa Kravet, Alix Lerman, Leslie Kravet

Ellen Kravet, Ray Burke

Tom Savage, Charlotte Moss

Sean Sawyer, Michael Susi, Susie Townsend, Coleman Townsend, Bruce Perkins

Marilyn Miles, Lord Sackville

Tom Savage, Tracy Dart, Emily Eerdmans

Sean Sawyer, James Hare

Joel Barkley, Margaret Russell, Brian Sawyer

Winifred Cyrus, Sean Sawyer, Jessie Walker, Tracy Dart

Scott Kravet, Leslie Kravet, Marilyn Miles, Stephen Miles, Stephen Miles Jr.

Oscar Tatosian, Scott R. Spasojevich, Brian White

Oscar Tatosian, Scott R. Spasojevich, Phillip Liederbach, Jim Kinney, Brian White

Stephen Miles Jr., Stephen Miles, Judy Herdeg, John Herdeg

Ann Maine, Ann Feldstein, Krissa Rossbund

James Hare

Phil Winegar, Caroline Rubenstein

Madeline Hooper, Rod Pleasants, Kirsten Peckerman

Jackie Schwartz, Brian Sawyer

John Herdeg, Judy Herdeg, Susie Townsend, Coleman Townsend

Susie Townsend, Coleman Townsend

John Herdeg, Judy Herdeg

Keith Kanaga, Katherine Kanaga, Michael Boyd

Kelly Wearstler, Cary Kravet, Lisa Kravet, Krissa Rossbund

Tara Theune Davis, Linda Eaton, Pamela Perkins

Bill Hubbard, Robin Hubbard

Marilyn Miles, Betsy Barbanell

Robert Barbanell, Mary Fox Linton, Betsy Barbanell

Chantal O'Sullivan, Scott R. Spasojevich, Nancy Traylor, Brian White

Patrick Gallagher, Lady Henrietta Spencer-Churchill, Allen Maines

Regina Rich, George Rich, Phillip Liederbach, Jeanne Jones

Friederike Biggs, Phillip Liederbach

David Dangremond, Mary Dangremond, Thomas Jayne

Alan Tucei, Renee Tucei

Brigitte Ple, Steven Elrod

Betsy Barbanell, Robert Barbanell, Tara Theune Davis

Jessie Walker, Fred Gillan

Richard Sammons, Barbara Eberlein, Tom Savage

Tom Savage, Emily Eerdmans

Anne Ervin, Linda Eaton, Susie Townsend

Barbara Eberlein, Steven Elrod, Tracy Dart

Sir Henry Bedingfeld, Kazie Harvey, Jean Savage, John Harvey

Christine Ness, Winifred Cyrus

Ian Hooper, Christopher Rodrigues, Richard Broyd

Steve Godwin, Madeline Hooper, Fritzi Kallop, Ian Hooper

Betty Lebenthal, Irene Aitken

Sarah Richardson, Jim Druckman

Barbara Eberlein, Brian White

Tracy Dart, Patrick Gallagher

Mary Linton, Tracy Dart

Melissa Gagen, Thomas Jayne, Jennie McCahey, Richard Sammons

Kristin Sarli, Melissa Gagen, Jennie McCahey

Tracy Dart, Daniel Dart

Rod Pleasants, Tracy Dart

Rod Pleasants, Tracy Dart, Daniel Dart

Lord Sackville, Lynne Rickabaugh

Lord Sackville, Greg Van Boven, Lynne Rickabaugh

Joel Barkley, Margaret Russell

Joel Barkley, Margaret Russell, Brian Sawyer

Edwina Sandys, Richard Kaplan

Edwina Sandys, Jeremy Biggs

Barbara Eberlein, Charles Miers

Tom Gibb, Brigitte Ple

Leslie Kravet, Tony Baratta

Tracy Dart

Sean Sawyer

Rod Pleasants, Tracy Dart, Sean Sawyer

Rod Pleasants, Tracy Dart

Rod Pleasants, Tracy Dart, Sean Sawyer

Winifred Cyrus, Sean Sawyer

Christopher Rodrigues

Christopher Rodrigues, Rod Ward

Rod Ward

Tom Savage, Linda Eaton

Alanna Glass, Lord Sackville

Marilyn Miles, Sherman Glass

Marilyn Miles, Sherman Glass

Susie Townsend, Tom Savage

Mary Dangremond, Rod Ward

Susie Townsend, Tom Savage, Melissa Gagen

Anne Mann, Brian White

Shax Riegler, Connie Newberry, Ralph Harvard, Newell Turner

Friederike Biggs, Paul Dassenko, Nancy Traylor

Bruce Perkins

Cary Kravet

Cary Kravet



Photos by Patrick McMullan

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