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5 Top Autumn National Trust Visits

Chelcey Berryhill - Monday September 14, 2015 17:01

There’s nothing quite like fall in the United Kingdom. The air is crisp, the temperature is (finally) perfect and the colors are spectacular. Use your Royal Oak membership to enjoy unlimited access to the very best of the season.

Of course, many of the very best fall spots in the UK are cared for by the National Trust. Here are our picks for top Autumn properties to visit, with thanks to the National Trust’s own list.

Stourhead's foliage is unbeatable

Stourhead’s foliage is unbeatable

Stourhead, Wiltshire – Truly a property for all seasons, Stourhead made our list of top gardens back in the spring. It makes this list, too, because it’s simply one of the most magnificent landscape gardens in the entire world. Stand from a perch and soak in its immaculately maintained vistas. Towards the end of August, the North American maple begins to turn a scarlet red, heralding the start of the autumn season and the Japanese acers, hornbeam, chestnuts, also put on a vivid display. The Tulip trees take on a yellow hue while the oak and beech finish off the season with their bright oranges late in October.

Winter sunlight on Fountains Abbey, North Yorkshire, with sprinkling of snow on ground

Sunlight on Fountains Abbey, North Yorkshire, with sprinkling of snow on ground

Fountain’s Abbey, Yorkshire – This stunning property was on the cover of our Fall 2014 newsletter, and the photo is probably one of the best in the National Trust’s collection. I say that because it perfectly captures the magic of the property: the frost-bitten water garden is foregrounded, with the abbey’s ruins providing a perfect contrast. The mostly-bare trees in the background provide a splash of red and orange and the blue, clear sky caps it.

Can you imagine a more picturesque fall site? See it for yourself and be awed by the property’s beauty.

Mount Stewart, Northern Ireland- Another of the most remarkable spring gardens makes a return appearance. Not only do Mount Stewarts many gardens burst with color during the Fall, but the property’s woodlands become a must-visit during this time of year. Visit the signature country house in all of Northern Ireland (which has been recently restored to its full majesty), and then go on a proper fall hike to cap off your visit.

Sheffield Park and Garden, East SussexThis property’s five connected lakes are surrounded by a lush, landscaped garden whose colors positively explode at the onset of autumn. Have a picnic in the crisp air and enjoy the beauty of an English fall.

Sheffield Park

Sheffield Park

Powis Castle, Powys, Wales- The castle’s red brick appears right at home in the midst of Welsh foliage, where it rises above its incredible gardens, all shaded in wonderful fall colors. The gardens are incredible, but it’s no easy task to maintain – just look at this hedge trimming job!

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