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May the Road Rise Up to Meet You

Chelcey Berryhill - Monday March 14, 2016 9:05

Northern Ireland’s Mount Stewart reopened on April 20, giving you yet another reason to take in all of Northern Ireland’s historical and natural treasures. Explore this magical place on your next visit to the UK!

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By Sam McCann, Communications Associate


Restoration work at Mount Stewart is nearing completion.

Inevitably, the day before I travel, I’m scrambling. We all are – we haven’t packed yet, we need to make sure somebody’s taking care of the dog, our to-do list is overflowing and – oh, yeah – our itinerary is up in the air.

Hopefully, this makes that last task a bit easier to check off your list. Beginning with our current newsletter (which members can read online here), each issue will zoom in on a specific National Trust region or cultural topic. This will offer a jumping-off point, giving an at-a-glace view of key properties in a region or a rundown of the places that connect to a central theme (like all the houses with great literary connections, for instance). We hope these features suggest an itinerary for your travels. The UK is so sprawling, with so much to offer, that these bite-size chunks will be more digestible in a single trip across the pond.

Here’s a digital version of the map that appears in our Spring issue, which is all about Northern Ireland.

A view of the dramatic coastline at the Giant's Causeway, County Antim, Northern Ireland, taken in the sunshine with rocks visible in the foreground

Giant’s Causeway, County Antim, Northern Ireland

With the Mount Stewart reopening bringing the property closer to an authentic, early 20th-century feel, and the always-spectacular Castle Coole, Florence Court, Castle Ward open in all their glory, visitors can enjoy a unique, Irish country house experience with The National Trust. Travel further north, and Ireland offers the breath-taking Giant’s Causeway. Belfast’s Titanic Center and Crown Bar (a National Trust-run Victorian Pub) headline some spectacular offerings in the southeast.

Check out our Spring Newsletter for more information on all these spectacular places, and to enjoy Chelcey Berryhill’s hand-drawn map of the region. And stay tuned for more regional and topical highlights from Royal Oak!

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