National Trust Furniture Research

150 National Trust houses contain some 55,000 pieces or sets of furniture and nearly 19,000 picture frames. It is a world-class collection, exceptional for remaining in its historic context. It deserves to be better known.

These facts led the Royal Oak Foundation to provide substantial initial funding in underwriting the Furniture Research Project beginning in 2015. The Project seeks to enhance information on the Trustís online database that is accessible to scholars, collectors and the public and to fully document an internationally significant collection that spans seven centuries. Supporting new research to reveal unknown documentation and new stories, the Project will also result in a Yale University Press book in 2020. The work continues and Royal Oak encourages ongoing support.

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In 2013 Royal Oak's Board of Directors designated the Foundation's capital reserve funds as The Royal Oak Legacy Fund, recognizing that the majority of these funds have come to Royal Oak through the past four decades as a result of generous bequests from longtime members and supporters. Most recently, in 2010 the Foundation received a major bequest from Roy B. & Inez M. Carder of Wolfeboro, NH. The Board has authorized use of earnings from The Royal Oak Legacy Fund to support crucial projects and programs at the National Trust.

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