Charlotte Moss InteriorCharlotte Moss InteriorCharlotte Moss Interior

Timeless Design Award  |   2010

Timeless Design Honors Charlotte Moss

#On October 28, 2010 The Royal Oak Foundation held its annual Timeless Design & Gala Benefit at the Metropolitan Club in New York City. This year we had the pleasure of presenting the Timeless Design Award to Charlotte Moss for her work in design, historical preservation, and philanthropy. Ms. Moss was presented with an Audemars Piguet tabletop clock by Royal Oak's Chairman, Herbert L. Camp. Royal Oak also honored the Attingham Summer School with its inaugural Heritage Award. The Head Curator of the National Trust, David Adshead, presented John Lewis OBE, Chairman of The Attingham Trust, with this award for Attingham's commitment to educating scholars, curators and architects about the history and importance of the English country house.

The evening emphasized themes of education, conservation and preservation. In her remarks, Charlotte Moss stressed the importance of traveling and creating personal meaning from direct, first-hand contact with places of beauty and historic significance. Excerpts from her speech highlight what is at the core of Royal Oak's mission:

"The challenge is to find new ways to make history a part of everyone's futureā€¦ How do we make history dynamic and relevant today? How do we engage young people when they are Facebooking and Tweeting and have so many more distractions than we ever had? How do we get them interested to visit these beautiful places? How do we help them to create a future that has a rich past? What we learn from all of these experiences finds its way into our life and gets translated consciously or unconsciously. There is no substitute for being there..."Cocktails in the Great Room

We are grateful for the support of Charlotte Moss, the event's sponsor Lee Jofa, our generous donors and Board of Directors for making this year's gala the most successful in Royal Oak's history. We especially appreciate the hard work and dedication of our gala co-Chairs, J. Rodney Pleasants and Tracy Williamson Dart.

Gala proceeds support Royal Oak's ongoing work with the National Trust. Specifically, funds from this event will support Hidcote, the iconic Arts & Crafts garden in Gloucestershire created by American horticulturalist Lawrence Johnston, which is currently undergoing a major restoration.

We are pleased to announce that above and beyond Royal Oak's annual support of scholarships for Americans to attend the Attingham Summer School, gala proceeds will support a special "Charlotte Moss Scholar" for the 2011 school in recognition of Charlotte as the recipient of Royal Oak's highest honor. Additionally, in honor of Attingham's receipt of the Heritage Award Royal Oak will make a gift in their name to the National Trust's Textile Conservation Studio to ensure that the Trust's remarkable collection of historic textiles is protected for the future.

Images from the Gala

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Charlotte Moss interior photos at top of page © Pieter Estersohn. All party photos by Steven Tucker.

Patrick Gallagher, Royal Oak Executive Director Sean Sawyer, and J. Thomas Savage J. Rodney Pleasants with the Chairman of The Attingham Trust, John Lewis OBE, Robyne Camp and Steve Godwin Patrick Gallagher, Tracy Dart, Steve Godwin, J. Rodney Pleasants and J. Thomas Savage Royal Oak Chairman Herbert Camp and his wife Robyne with Tracy Dart and Sean Sawyer
Kristen Fabrizio and John S. Clark Kirsten Peckerman and Cricket Ness Royal Oak Director, James Caughman with his wife Dede James Caughman, Damaris Horan, Dede Caughman and Patrick Gallagher
Dede Caughman and Tracy Dart Melissa Gagen and Cricket Ness Ed and Eileen Lowenthal with Tondra and Jeffrey Lynford Sean Sawyer and Patrick Gallagher with former Royal Oak Executive Director Damaris Horan and Christine Ness
Christina de Limur and Michael Bruno Phillis and John L. Warden Royal Oak Director Josie Ward Patton, John Southerton Clark and Pamela Lynch-Perkins Special Events Committee co-Chair Tracy Dart with honoree Charlotte Moss
Anne Ervin, David Hamilton, J. Thomas Savage and Julia Merck Charlotte Moss, Herbert Camp, Anne Ervin and David Hamilton National Trust Curator David Adshead, Charlotte Moss and  John Lewis, OBE Matthew Kowles, Georgia Spogli and Lewis Miller
Lee Anderson, Charlotte Moss and Jeff Tarr Charlotte Moss with Royal Oak Director Betsy Barbanell and her husband Robert Barbanell Pieter Estersohn, Charlotte Moss with Patsy and Jeff Tarr Konrad Keesee, Mrs. Russell B. Aitken, Josie Ward Patton, Charlotte Moss and Brigitte Pettit
Astrid Thorne and Tom Burns Charles  and Sarah Ayres, Barry Friedberg, Charlotte Moss, Liz Robbins and Alain LeBec Charlotte Moss and her husband Barry Friedberg Annabell Westman (left) and Lisa White from The Attingham Trust (right) with J. Thomas Savage
Susan Stein, William Li, Frank Guzzetta and Charlotte Moss The evening's hostess, Tracy Dart, welcomes guests in the Grand Ballroom National Trust Curator David Adshead presents the Heritage Award to the Chairman of The Attingham Trust, John Lewis OBE Patrick Gallagher, Damaris Horan, J. Thomas Savage and Tracy Dart
Tracy Dart looks on as Thomas Jayne invites guests to donate money to support scholarships to the Attingham Summer School Tom Applequist, President of Friends of Attingham, with Charlotte Moss and Annabel Westman from The Attingham Trust Beth and John Werwaiss with Charlotte Moss Lisa White from The Attingham Trust with Sean Sawyer and Charlotte Moss
  Jim Friedlander and Liz Irwin A grand turnout in the Grand Ballroom