Royal Oak Legacy Circle

Legacy Circle members receive a limited edition print of Quercus robur (English oak) by Pria Graves, a noted botanical artist and herself a Legacy Circle member.

The Royal Oak Legacy Circle recognizes those who wish to create a legacy by remembering Royal Oak and the National Trust of England, Wales & Northern Ireland in their estate plans. Benefits of membership in The Royal Oak Legacy Circle include invitations for annual special events in association with our lectures around the U.S and recognition in our print and digital publications. Legacy Circle members also have access to special Legacy Supporter events organized by the National Trust in the UK.

For more information or to notify us of a legacy gift and join The Royal Oak Legacy Circle, please contact Ian Murray at or 212.480.2889 ext. 202.

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Our Legacy Circle

Stein Berre & Britton Smith
New York, NY

Brian Braa & Andrew Eiseman
Washington, DC

Robert Cefaratti
Washington, DC

Sandra Church
San Francisco, CA

Tracey Dedrick
New York, NY

Richard Dilworth
Richmond, VA

Patricia Diness
Middletown, NJ

Christine Edwards
Hoboken, NJ

Mr & Mrs Richard Picton Evans
Suffolk, VA

Shelley Fleetwood & James Gusek
Lakewood, CO

Ronald Lee Fleming
Cambridge, MA

Pria Graves
Palo Alto, CA

Irene Grigoriadis & Steve Casey
Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Ian & Madeline Hooper
Canaan, NY

Martha Hamilton & I. Wistar Morris III
Villanova, PA

Diana Mackie
Ambler, PA

Gail & David Meltzer
Palm Harbor, FL

Linda C. Pedro
New York, NY

Susan & William Samuelson
Belmont, MA

Sean Sawyer
New York, NY

Jessie B. Walker
New York, NY

Phillis & John Warden
New York, NY

George K. Weaver
Elizabethtown, PA

Ellen Whiting
Princeton, NJ

Avice & George Wilson
New Brunswick, NJ

Santa Cruz, CA