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A Skillet Steak from Hawksmoor

Try this recipe from renowned British steakhouse, Hawksmoor. From farming and food-obsessed families, founders and childhood friends, Will & Huw, opened the first Hawksmoor in East London in 2006. They had a simple three-fold goal: find the best possible beef; master the simple-seeming art of cooking the perfect steak; and create an environment where everyone, guests and staff, could relax and enjoy themselves.
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From Jelly to Jello

With still a few days left to dream about an English summer, we encourage you to try out a few recipes from a new book on jam-making from the National Trust. From Gooseberry Curd to Rose Petal Jelly to a Traditional Red Berry Jam, National Trust Book of Jam by Sara Lewis has something for everyone.
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