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Of Indian Bibles and Salem Witch Trials

Amongst the collection of books at Blickling, one in particular has a fascinating connection to the New England of the Puritans. The book is commonly known as the “Eliot Indian Bible,” and was the first bible printed in English in North America. However, it was not printed in English; it was printed in Algonquin.
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The Gardens at Nymans in Sussex

Nymans was the home of the talented and creative Messel family. Today it is one of England's most inspiring gardens. Exuberant floral displays, captivating views and stunning plant collections are designed to impress, while its rooms, corners and archways offer intimate and secret places in which to relax
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Pork Pies and Piccalilli for a Picnic

What evokes a traditional British picnic more than pork pies and piccalilli? Okay, maybe a few other things. But, unlike Americans, the Brits do include cold savory pies with condiments in their picnic baskets. Learn how to conjure up this dish in your own kitchen here.
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