Royal Over-Seas League new Member reception

Royal Over-Seas League Logo

The Royal Over-Seas League (ROSL)

is dedicated to championing international friendship and understanding throughout the Commonwealth and beyond. A not-for-profit private members’ organization, they have been bringing like-minded people together since their launch in 1910. The Royal Over-Seas League offers its 16,000 members a warm welcome at beautiful clubhouses in central London, and the chance to get involved in all kinds of social, cultural and education activities around the world.

Royal Over-Seas League new Member reception

Benefits of Membership

  • One club; two clubhouses – conveniently located in the heart of Edinburgh and London, with easy access to transport links and cultural institutions
  • Comfortable accommodation – 83 bedrooms in London
  • A network of 90 reciprocal clubs across the world
  • 15% discount on the hire of function and meetings rooms – suitable for small syndicate workshops, private dining, and large conferences and celebrations
  • A worldwide reach – with 16,000 members, 13 international branches and 9 UK branches
  • A varied and affordable event programme – providing a range of activities, experiences and meeting opportunities to appeal to every interest and taste
  • Intimate concerts and recitals – from the future stars of classical music
  • Lectures and discussions from luminaries in literature, politics and the arts
  • Fine-dining and wine cellar with competitively priced vintages. London also boasts London a private garden and terrace
  • A philanthropic approach – donating to humanitarian and education bursaries for children in the remote and poorest areas of Kenya, Botswana and Namibia
  • Support of talented young visual artists and musicians through sponsorships and prizes

Royal Oak Members enjoy a 25% discounted joining fee. In addition, as a member of an affiliated organization, Royal Oak members do not require a proposer or seconder to join the Royal Overseas-League.

Captions, from top to bottom: Royal Over-Seas League new Member reception ◆  Tea in the ROSL restaurant