Churchill's Chartwell
Mussenden Temple on the Downhill Demesne, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland
Royal Oak's FOLLIES Event
Ham House, London
Ham House, London
National Trust Curator Mark Purcell with Royal Oak scholars
National Trust Curator Mark Purcell with Royal Oak scholars
Attingham Park, Shropshire
Attingham Park, Shropshire

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Cattle graze peacefully beside the river in Croome Park, Worcestershire

The Royal Oak Foundation is the American partner of the National Trust of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Our mission is to encourage Americans to learn about, experience and support places of great historic and natural significance throughout the United Kingdom. Our members receive unlimited entry to all National Trust UK properties. Join Today

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Traditional British Butterfly Cakes or Fairy Cakes (Cupcakes)
If you want to have an ex-pat Brit begin to wax nostalgic, just mention Butterfly Cakes or Fairy Cakes. However, mention them to a non-Brit and they will probably give you a tilt of their head and look of confusion.

Five Favorite NT Places & Stories
What’s your favorite place in the UK? Not long ago, the National Trust asked some of their members that same question. The response showed just how much many of you care about the places we look after. As well as being part of the UK’s heritage, a habitat for wildlife and an area of natural beauty, the places we look after also hold strong emotional memories for many people. Read some of these members’ stories:

Opulence, Ancestry and a Dash of Grit
James Reginato is Writer-at-Large for Vanity Fair. He previously served as the longtime Features Director of W magazine and was Editor-at-Large for Architectural Digest.


Support Churchill’s Chartwell
The Royal Oak Foundation launches a multi-year appeal to reinvigorate Winston Churchill’s legacy at his family home and acquire prized possessions for the worldwide public.

Royal Oak’s Fundraiser: FOLLIES
Join Royal Oak on October 5 to celebrate the follies across the English countryside protected by the National Trust.

The Royal Oak Legacy Circle
Help ensure the future of The Royal Oak Foundation with a legacy gift.