St. Paul’s to Westminster Abbey: A Stroll Between London’s Two Greatest Churches

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St Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey are two of London’s most iconic landmarks. For nearly a thousand years, people have beaten the same path from one to another, making the route between them as rich in history as the buildings themselves. Our modern-day route will take us along Ludgate Hill, Fleet Street, Strand, Whitehall and Parliament Street, and while the names may have changed, the route is the same as when it was first traversed all those years ago.

Join Royal Oak and London guide Mark Rowland for a virtual stroll along one of London’s most ancient thoroughfares to hear stories of politics and palaces, rebellion and retributions, justice and the law, grand architectural schemes, and the first steps towards standardising the English language and communicating it to the masses.

West Front from Cent Hall 300 (TM) Westminster Abbey


Thursday, October 21 | 2:00 p.m. EDT

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