Morgan Library Exhibition: Medieval Money, Merchants, and Morality

In-Person Exhibit Tour

Step into a world of economic and cultural evolution as the Morgan Library invites Royal Oak members on a guided tour of Medieval Money, Merchants, and Morality. We will explore this fascinating period, as we witness how trade flourished, banks established themselves, and the concept of coinage proliferated, forever altering the fabric of everyday life.

In the heart of this exhibition, the spotlight falls on some of the most revered manuscripts in the Morgan’s collection such as the Hours of Catherine of Cleves, a masterpiece of artistic and spiritual significance. This illuminated manuscript is a testament to the devotion and creativity that thrived during this transformative era. Another highlight of our tour is the Hours of Henry VIII, an extraordinary piece commissioned by one of England’s most notable monarchs. We will also see the Prayer Book of Claude de France; this rare and precious treasure offers a glimpse into the spiritual and cultural values of a prominent royal figure. Beyond the illuminated manuscripts, the exhibition will present exceptional objects that paint a vivid picture of the past’s monetary practices. Delight in the artisanship of a brass alms box, a vessel once used for charitable contributions, reflecting the interconnectedness of commerce and compassion.

Additionally, we will marvel at a remarkable hoard of coins, each coin carrying tales of trade, politics, and societal values. An Italian account book, still in its original binding, will offer a glimpse into the meticulous financial records of the time, shedding light on economic transactions and their cultural implications. Moreover, you will be captivated by a breathtaking leaf from a register of creditors dating back to 1394-95 in Bologna, Italy, transporting us back to a period of financial complexities and human aspirations.


Tuesday, November 28 | 3:00 p.m. ET

Meeting Place: Morgan Library

225 Madison Avenue; New York, NY 10013

$40 members $50 non-members

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