Behind-the-Scenes of the Award-winning Musical SIX!

The Tudor dynasty ruled for 118 years and transformed English history through political and religious reforms.

The reign of Tudor monarchs—including Henry VIII and his daughter Elizabeth I—seem to be dramatized everywhere. From books and museum exhibitions, to documentaries, and motion pictures, the topic of the Tudors is widespread and inescapable! Henry VIII’s wives are often described as queens, lovers, mothers, outcasts, victims, and survivors.

However, the award-winning musical SIX transform the lives of these women to a new level—remixing 500 years of heartbreak into a celebration of 21st century personal power. Not your typical history lesson, SIX depicts the wives of Henry VIII as members of a girl group, telling their own story while competing against each other.

Resident Director Benita de Wit (Broadway) and Associate Costume Designer Amanda Jenks of SIX will join Royal Oak for an exclusive presentation discussing this smash hit!

They will talk about the show’s development from storyboard to stage, including the background research for the story development and illustrate the architectural and visual influences used to create the costumes. In addition, an actress playing one of the Queens will share her experience in the show and insights into exploring “her” story. We will follow up later this season with a chance for members to attend the NYC show in-person at a special rate.



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